Slot Machines and The Animal Kingdom

There are many inspirations for some of the most bizarre slot machines that you will find. Many animals are beloved by people, such as cats, and some that are hilarious, like penguins. You may also find animals that inspire video slots machines because they have certain characteristics. Owls, for instance, are wise and can be found in slot games called Super Hoot Loot.พีจีสล็อต

Kitty Glitter is the classic animal-themed slot. It’s simple in some ways but very popular because cats are the main characters. As suggested, matching up different cats from Siamese to furballs with strange parentage will help win big Penguins. Our personal favorite is Penguin Power which features sliding penguins as its winning feature.

It is surprising that there aren’t as many jungle-themed slots as you might expect. Tiger’s Eye is a new release that is inspired by jungle life. However, it is more interested in free spins than bonus games which can make animal-based slot machines fun to play.

“Cute and Fluffy” is a new slot that truly amplifies the loveable animal aspect. It was quite difficult to swallow, with photos of kittens and puppies as well as strings. Sometimes, a little bit of pulling back from the edge is a good thing. Gold Medal Mania is a better slot and offers more entertainment. Here, animals compete in Olympic-style events.

No matter what your favorite animal may be, you’ll find them somewhere on the reels at video slots machines.